15th Food Proteins Course North America 2021

21-23 July 2021, Chicago (USA)

Innovations & Workshop for Plant & Animal Proteins

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Rating previous Course: 8.8


Rating previous Course: 8.8

Bridge2Food´s position on Coronavirus (COVID-19) - Postponing the Food Proteins Course till 2021

Due to the COVID -19 crisis, we at Bridge2Food have decided to take our responsibility for people and society and to move the Course to July 2021. Autumn time Covid-19 will surely come back, and we feel that it would be unresponsible to bring large groups of professionals for our Course.

Please join for now the New Online Plant-Based Foods & Proteins Summit North-America, 22-25 June with real live opportunities to book meetings with speakers, partners, exhibitors, and fellow delegates,, visit and meet exhibitors, and work on business development >> Go here to find out more and to register
– We will soon announce our other inspiring Online Seminars. Stay tuned!

New Protein Innovations @15th Edition!
The Course “Food Proteins: Properties, Functionalities & Applications” is designed to give participants a theoretical and practical overview of vegetable and animal proteins currently available for food applications and to provide hands-on information about their properties and functionalities.

Target Groups
This course is designed for all who are active in the food industry and who want to learn more about the properties, functionalities, and applications of a broad range of plant-based and animal-based proteins, and who want to obtain hands-on know-how and know-why. For instance, managers involved in:

  • Application Development
  • Product Development
  • New Business Development
  • Research & Development
  • Technical Service

The course is relevant to the following food industries:

  • Bread & Bakery
  • Meat & Meat-free incl. Fish
  • Dairy & Dairy-free
  • Beverages
  • Snacks
  • Ready meals
  • Pasta
  • Confectionery incl. Bars
  • Soups & Sauces
  • Health food

And for managers working for:

  • Food manufacturers
  • Food ingredient, food protein manufacturers, and suppliers including distributors
  • Enzyme manufacturers
  • Process technology suppliers

Entry Level
The entry-level of delegates for this course is a finished BSc or MSc education in the following areas of expertise: food, feed, chemistry, biology, nutrition, science, microbiology, health, etc. Managers with food industry experience can also participate.

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Learn about 10 Plant and Animal-based Proteins & Enjoy a Practical Workshop by Industry specialists!
The course is designed in such a way that the participants will learn first about the origin of the various proteins, their functional and nutritional properties and the relative importance of the proteins in the various food applications. The functionalities of each individual protein will be highlighted, as well as the processing methods to extract proteins, the various types of proteins available, the legislative context and the major food applications and reasons for usage. In this block the full focus of each individual protein presentation is on:

  • Properties of the various plant and animal raw materials and protein basis
  • Processing methods to extract proteins
  • Various types of proteins with their functionalities
  • Further processing methods such as extrusion for texturizing proteins
  • Legislative context
  • Major food applications for the various types of proteins: reasons for usage

The functional properties and applications of key plant proteins (soy, pea, potato, canola, pulse flours, and mycoprotein), as well as animal proteins (egg albumin, whey, casein, and collagen/gelatin) protein, will be discussed from an innovation and application point of view.

Participants will evaluate various proteins (powders, extrudates, solutions, solubility, dispersibility, gelling, thickening, colour, taste, texture, etc.), and various innovative foods in order to combine the properties, functionalities with the practical usage in applications.

Bread & Pastry | Confectionery & Snacks | Dairy & Dairy-free | Beverages | Bars | Ready Meals |
Meat & Meat-free | Nutrition | Sport & Dietetic

Industry specialists train delegates about the properties, functionalities, and applications. The delegates are divided into smaller groups and these groups get a 30 minutes introduction into the properties, functionalities, and applications of each protein source with the chance to see, touch, feel, smell and taste the proteins and the finished foods made with the proteins. And review the presentation with the industry expert and the other group members. This practical session will assist in understanding the reasons for use and points of difference of each protein.

Enjoy watching the presentation of Dr. Paul Stevens, Global R&D and Applications Director at Rousselot, on gelatin and collagen.



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