3rd Plant-Based Foods Course 2019

14-16 October 2019, Las Vegas (USA)

Easy combo with SSW 2019 (Oct 17-19)

Register by 13 October and save USD 400


Cooking delicious and sustainable foods with mycoproteins

Have you ever thought of cooking delicious and sustainable foods with mycoproteins? 3F BIO´s chef, Michael Kilkie, taught us how to cook using this biomass, rich in protein and fiber in a few steps at the Virtual Exhibition Plant-Based Foods Value Chain Americas on April 14  and discussed, together with Commercial Director... more >

Processing technologies for continuous production of textured vegetable proteins

Rafael Alvarenga, Sales Engineer at Wenger Manufacturing, Inc. will be hosting an interesting roundtable on meat-free: “Looking at plant-based meat alternatives? How to kick-start your market…
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Amano Introduces Savory Enzyme for Plant Protein Products

Umamizyme™ Pulse, a non-GMO enzyme designed for use in a variety of plant protein products to produce a pleasant, savory (umami) flavor, similar to that…
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Transforming the Protein Market with Emerging Technologies

José Luis Cabañero, Founder of Eatable Adventures will be presenting: “Disrupting the Protein Sector: Emerging Technologies” at the Virtual Exhibition Plant-Based Foods Value Chain Americas…
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True Colors to Reflect the Great Taste of your Meat-free Products

Elaine Lee, UK based Applications Manager for Lycored, and Jose Acosta, US Global Applications Manager will be presenting two interesting talks: “Meat Free Innovations: True…
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PPIC – Growth and Commitment to Innovation and Discovery in the Plant Protein Space

2020 was a year filled with turmoil, uncertainty, and frustrations. However, the Plant Protein Innovation Center (PPIC) at the University of Minnesota remained vibrant. PPIC,…
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DSM develops a sustainable, plant-based protein source from the canola plant

DSM is always seeking to develop proteins of the future that help the global food industry meet the fast-changing needs of consumers. An example of…
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