[B2F Expert Vision #9] The active nutrition market – Dominik Mattern (Lonza)

Bridge2Food interviewed industry leader Dominik Mattern during the 2017 Active, Performance and Sports Nutrition Summit. Dominik Mattern is Associate Director and Head of Business Development for Consumer Health & Nutrition at Lonza EMEA (Germany). The presentations of this 2017 summit including Dominiks’talk can be very valuable for making a new business and innovation strategy & roadmaps. See: ... more >

Beneficial effects of Naticol, fish collagen peptides, on the skin ageing signs

Ageing may be considered as the accumulation of diverse deleterious changes in cells and tissues. Skin ageing is one of the most important current dermatological concerns….
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TEREOS MERIPRO® Hydrolysed wheat protein substantially increases the muscle protein synthetic response in elderly at leucine matched dose

A randomized double-blind clinical trial in healthy elderly men, published in the Journal of Nutrition (first published ahead of print on July 20, 2016) has…
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Carrot vs. stick: What’s the key to securing a sustainable omega-3 supply?

Back in 2012 FoS announced its push to certify more marine-sourced omega-3 sources. Since then the number of fish oil, meal, feed and omega-3 supplements companies…
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Bio-active peptides extract from snails reducing high blood pressure

The French company HPE ingredients (www.hpingredients.com) has launched a new bio-active peptide from snails. In-vitro and in-vivio scientific research of the company has shown a…
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Growing Older with health and vitality: nexus of physical activity, exercise and nutrition

The preservation of skeletal muscle mass and strength with advancing age are critical aspects of ageing with health and vitality says Oliver Witard, senior lecturer…
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