VP Ingredients (Soufflet)

As an industrial company specializing in the processing of rice and pulses, VP Ingredients offers a range of vegetable solutions based on pulses to its industrial customers. The plant-based offer is composed of two ranges: Leguminel® range (flours from pulses – fava beans, lentils, chickpeas, peas, etc.) and Proteinel® range (flours rich in protein (55%) and textured vegetable proteins). Involved and committed, VP Ingredients’ mission is to innovate through pulses, to improve the nutritional values of products and to simplify ingredient lists thanks to comprehensive and sustainable ingredients.

After having launched its flours rich in vegetable proteins (min 55%) from lentils and fava beans, VP Ingredients completes its offer by launching its textured flours rich in proteins from peas and fava beans. This new range includes four references in flaked, minced, granulated and mini granulated formats. Produced from pea and fava bean flour, they contain about 53% protein and are rich in fiber, which makes them easy to use for meat substitute applications and hybrid products.