15 Oct. Full Day
Summit IV
Plant-Protein Growing & Economy

Summit IV: Plant-Protein Growing & Economy
This Summit will build on meetings on the development of plant proteins in Europe in 2018 & 2019. The production and sourcing of plant proteins for the agri-food sector has repeatedly stimulated political debate at the EU level. What are the possibilities to further develop plant protein production in an economically and environmentally sound way in view of the protein sector in the EU? Further developing plant protein production in the EU can bring not only economic benefits for farmers and producers of food and animal feed but also a wide range of environmental and climatic advantages. DG Agriculture & Rural Development of the European Commission is a key partner in delivering an excellent programme.

Joining! …
National and European Leaders from Governments, Food, Feed & Petfood Industries, Ingredient Industries, Agriculture, Breeding, and Associations.

Your Summit Take-Homes: 5 Strategies for Winning Protein Growing Plans 
#1 Crop, Agriculture & Food Industry Collaboration
#2 Successful (inter)National plant-protein and plant-based foods policies
#3 How Food, Petfood & Feed can collaborate
#4 Building new value chains
#5 Building a plant-protein plan for Europe

This Summit is supported by DG Agriculture & Rural Development of the European Commission