15 Oct. Full Day
Summit IX
Plant-Based Foods & Protein EcoSystems

Plant-Based Foods & Protein EcoSystems
Many countries, regions, cities, businesses, and universities want to excel in the protein transition towards more plant-based foods and new plant proteins. The Plant-Based Foods & Protein EcoSystems Summit will bring together a large number of international EcoSystems with the purpose to create a better understanding and platform for cross-global collaboration. The Global Plant-Based Foods EcoSystem is an important partner for this Summit.

Joining! …
Plant-Based Foods & Protein Ingredient EcoSystem Leaders from all around the world.

Your Summit Take-Homes: 5 Strategies for Winning EcoSystems
#1 Overview of International EcoSystems
#2 Understanding the drivers of the various EcoSystems and their partners
#3 Insight in key programmes and projects and the key success factors of EcoSystems
#4 Opportunities to join different EcoSystems and projects
#5 A common EcoSystem platform for collaboration