June 4 Afternoon:
3 Tracks

Track I: New Consumer Trends
This Track will create a better understanding of consumers. What is driving them? How relevant is the climate when shopping for food? What are the nutritional requirements? Is this a relevant trend? What does Generation X think about plant-based or vegan? How do you communicate? How will Canada´s New Food Guide influence consumers? What will drive consumers to buy more plant-based foods?

Track II: Retail & Food Service Opportunities
The purpose of this Track is to discuss and showcase how retailers and food service channels capitalize plant-based opportunities. Where are we now and how does the future look like? What are the do’s and don’ts to build the category with brands? What can North America learn from Europe?

Track III: Category & Brand Innovations
This Track will focus on innovation. Investments in marketing and category development by brands are booming. New brands and categories are popping up in the existing outlets, and new channels are also being developed. Who will lead the market in the next 2 years? What is the opportunity for meat, dairy, bakery and other categories? How can they ride the wave? How do investors look at the plant-based opportunity and at new brands in this space?