Döhler offers the premium HeartHealthHERO Pomegranate

Did you know that pomegranate is one of the oldest fruit trees known to humans and has been used as medical application since ancient times? The superfruit is especially known for its high content of different polyphenols, like punicalagin or ellagic acid. Thus, pomegranate... more >

Döhler’s EnergyHEROES & MentalHEROES provide ideal foundation for health

It’s time to revitalise! Döhler’s EnergyHEROES and MentalHEROES phytoactive ingredients provide an ideal foundation for health supporting food & beverages. By combining healthy added value…
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Döhler’s natural ingredients offer functional enhancement

Did you know that natural ingredients such as the comprehensive portfolio of Döhler‘s Natural SuperHEROES from the world of fruits and botanicals provide a functional…
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