What are the Meat-Free Market Trends & Developments? Join the Meat-Free Summit!

If you are interested in new trends on the growth of the meat-free industry, and the challenges to accelerate consumer uptake and market demand in retail, food service and other channels, you should attend the Meat-Free Summit. This summit will take place within the framework of the 14th Plant-Based Foods Summit Europe 2019, 2-4 October in Lille,... more >

Fast growing US plant based foods association

A long list of innovating brands in plant-based foods are members of the Plant Based Foods Association. The Mission is to ensure a fair and competitive…
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Novel Protein Products from Clextral

Novel Protein Products are a new range of finished products made with fibrated proteins. developed from HMEC (High Moisture Extrusion Cooking) by Clextral in partnership…
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