How do you build an ecosystem? 3 creators talk you through it

It’s not about one company or one country or even one ecosystem: to build an ecosystem and drive change in the plant-based sector it’s all about connections at the broadest level, agreed three panelists at the Plant-Based Foods & Proteins 2021 Summit. The Shaping New Ecosystems panel, hosted by Bridge2Food’s CEO... more >

Moonshot 2030: plant-based proteins key to sustainable future

To feed 10 billion people by the middle of this century we must fundamentally and boldly change our food system — and alternative proteins are…
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Inspiring Experts during Protein Summit 2017

 Enjoy great interviews by Gordon Bacon, CEO Pulse (Canada),  Kevin Brennan, Chief Executive Quorn Foods (UK), Jim Laird, CEO 3fBio (UK), Denis Chereau, Chief…
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