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Plant-Based Foods & Proteins
Asia 2021

9-11 November 2021, starts at 9:00 am SGT (Singapore Time)

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100+ Exhibitors | 1000+ Participants | >1,500 Speed Dating Sessions | > 2,500 1-on-1 Business Meetings

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Guaranteed Match-Making at Biggest Virtual Exhibition!

Super Special Match-Making based on 275+ Industry Tags like:
> Vegan, Vegetarian
> Channels: Retail, Food Service, Hospitals, Fast Food, Gasoline stations/On the go, Online
> Value Chain: Food Brand Partner, Ingredient Supplier, Toll Manufacturer, Analysis Lab, Application Development Institute, Research Institute, University, Investor, Distributors, Agents, Media, Consumer Research, Market Research, People/HR, Branding, Start-Ups, Scale-Ups, Growers Agricultural Crops, Breeders, EcoSystems
> Plant-Based Foods Industry: Meat-Free, Dairy-Free, Fish-Free, Egg-Free
> Dairy-Free: Cow-Like, Goat-Like, Sheep-Like, Beverages, Cheese-Cuttable, Spreads, Grated Cheese, Spreads, Cheese Fermented, Yoghurt, Butter, Beverages-Fermented, Cheese-Hard, Cheese-Soft, Desserts, Sports Nutrition, Bakery, Baked Goods, Active Nutrition, Powdered Foods, Creamer, Coffee Milk, Milk, Ice cream, Weight Management, Whey, Casein
> Meat-Free: Beef-Like, Lamb-Like, Chicken-Like, Pork-Like, Burgers/Balls/Nuggets etc-Fresh, Burgers/Balls/Nuggets etc-Cooked, Mince-Cooked, Ready Meals, Pieces-Cooked, Dried sausages, Snacks, Pieces-Fresh, Cold Cuts, Spreadables-Pate-Like, Sausages
Stew-Like, Mince-Fresh, Tofu, Tempeh, Mince-Dried, Ambient, Frozen, Collagen, Gelatin
> Fish-Free: Salmon-Like, Tuna-Like, White-Fish-Like, Shrimp-Like, Mussels-Like, Burgers, Sausages, Fish Fingers, Tuna, Surimi
> Egg-Free: Egg-White-Liquid, Whole Egg, Whole-Egg-Liquid, Powder, Baked Goods, Bakery Products, Confectionery, Baked Goods, Albumin-Powdered, Albumin-Liquid, Egg Yolk-Powdered, Egg Yolk-Liquid
> Foods: Noodles, Bakery, Baked Goods, Sauces & Dressings, Bars, Potato Products, Sports Nutrition, Active Nutrition, Weight Management, Bars, Frozen Foods, Ready Meals, Infant Nutrition, Medical Nutrition, Supplements, Meat, Dairy, Fish, Cereals, Confectionery
> Plant-based Foods Ingredients: Hydrocolloids, Herbs, Spices, Proteins, Enzymes, Colours, Flavours, Oils, Fats, Sweeteners, Fibers, Salt, Emulsifiers, Fruits, Vegetables, Anti-Oxidants, Cocoa, Bio-Actives, Pre-Biotics, Pulses, Nuts
> Taste, Cooking Properties, Spreadability, Sliceability, Meltability, Mouthfeel, Viscosity, Nutrition, Binding, Texture, Bite, Flavour, Juiciness, Succulency, Convenience, Colour, Stabilizing
> Better Functionalities: Gelling, Foaming, Protein Enrichment, Convenience, Emulsification, Gelling, Binding, Thickening, Film Forming
> Pulses: Pinto Beans, While Beans, Lentils-Laird, Lentils-Eston, Lentils-French Green, Peas-Yellow, Peas-Green, Faba Beans, Chick Peas, Lentil-Red, Lentil-Green, Black Beans, Mung Bean, Soy
> Proteins: Algae, Potato, Lentil, Chick Pea, Soy, Faba Bean, Black Bean, Rubisco, Wheat, Yellow Pea, Myco Protein, Fermented Protein, Single Cell, Cultured Meat, Oat, Mung Bean, Tapioca, Olive, Cashew, Almond, Cashew, Walnut, Coconut, Hazelnut, Flax, Hemp, Peanut, Pistachio, Sesame, Rice
Quinoa, Sunflower, Amaranth, Barley, Buck Wheat, Chesnut, Lupin, Banana, Pumpkin, Pecan, Water Lentils, Millet, Sorghum, Macadamia, Tiger Nut, Spelt
> Protein Ingredients: Isolates, Flours, Concentrates, Hydrolysates, Peptides, TVP’s, TVP’s Flakes Dry, TNP’s Chunks Dry, TVP’s Flakes HME, TVP’s Chunks HME, Spray-dried, Liquid, Concentrated
> Processing Technology: Cooking-Pasteurization, Extrusion-Dry, Extrusion-HME, Separation, Milling, Fractionation, Filtration, Grinding, Decanting, Spray Drying, Encapsulation, Fluid Bed, Absorption, Filling, Cooking-UHT, Cooking-Mild Processing, Splitting
> Analytics: Analysis, Functionality, Application Development, Packaging, Sustainability, Laboratory
> Research: Meat-Free, Dairy-Free, Fish-Free, Egg-Free, Foods, Proteins, EU/Horizon Projects, Oils/Fats, Carbohydrates