15th Plant-Based Foods & Proteins Summit
North-America 2020

22-26 June 2020, starts at 9:30 am EDT/GMT-4

Unique Virtual Live Video Networking Summit!

25 Hrs Thought Leading Speakers & Panels
35 Hrs Networking Breaks with Business Meetings & Live Chats

Registration Closes June 15 > Max. # Participants 1,000 > U$149 only


How to Produce High-Quality Proteins with Optimum Functionality

In the past, consumers accepted a bland taste and a long list of ingredients in their plant-based products. Today their expectations are much higher; many desire “better for you” products with functional properties and better flavor, putting pressure on manufacturers to not only build the protein base but to format and flavor it as well. For example, plant proteins often bring bitterness, making taste modulators an often-necessary... more >

Changing the Food System Towards Sustainability and Food Safety

As Wired states very clear: “Incumbent companies, startups, and the government should work together to transition to animal-free protein production rather than fighting to maintain…
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Plant-based Bottles in a Sustainable Food Supply Chain

By introducing fully plant-based bottles made from corn, wheat and beet sugars, the market’s reliance on fossil fuels and their contribution to plastic pollution will…
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Australia: The Country for Plant-Based Brands to Flourish!

The growing number of Australians who are willing to reduce their meat consumption gives great opportunity for new brands to enter the Australian market. Australia…
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Eating Plant-Based to Reduce your Carbon Footprint

Switching towards a plant-based diet is one of the actions we as individuals can do to reduce our carbon footprint. Covid-19 has shown that radical…
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World’s Most Popular Plant-Based Ingredient?

With pork meat being the most consumed meat product in the world, Omnifoods went over big with coming up with a nutritionally superior analog comprised…
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New Investments Results in New Plant-Based ‘Fish’ Products on the Shelves

According to the FAO, one in three fish caught never makes it to a plate. This triggered the plant-based seafood brand ‘Good Catch’ to come…
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