Research Conference
Plant-Based Foods & Proteins
Europe 2021

20-21 May 2021, starts at 8:30 am CEST (Amsterdam Time)

Unique Virtual Live Video Networking Conference!

20 Hrs Thought Leading Speakers & Panels
20 Hrs Presentations & Networking with Live Chats

Why attend

13 Benefits of joining
1. Learn
from the best-in-class researchers
2. Be Inspired by presentations from top publications in leading scientific journals like Food Chemistry, Journal of Agriculture & Food Chemistry, Food Research International Trends in Food Science & Technology, Advances in Nutrition, American Journal of Clinical Nutrition, British Journal of Nutrition, European Journal Clinical Nutrition, Clinical Nutrition, Journal of Nutrition and Advances in Nutrition
3. Get New Insights during discussions with speakers and other researchers
4. Easy Access to the speakers & other research leaders
5. Global Access: Timings allow researchers from Asia-Pacific, Europe, and the Americas to connect (9.00 AM CEST – 10 PM CEST)
6. Connect with fellow researchers during the Conference and have 1-on-1 video chats
7.  Develop
new collaborations with other researchers
8. Kick-Start collaborations with industry
9. Learn
about research networks around the world
10. Build
new research networks
11. Find Jobs at leading universities, research institutes, food brands, ingredient, and processing companies
12. Easy access: No budgets needed for travel & accommodation
13. Low registration price

Unique Networking during the Research Conference!
– 20 hours of Presentations & Discussions with Live Video Chats
– 20 hours of Networking Breaks with live meeting chats with speakers, panel members, delegates, suppliers, customers, and exhibitors