Virtual Summit
Plant-Based Foods & Proteins Summit
Europe 2021

27-28 September 2021, starts at 9:00 am CET (Amsterdam Time)

Unique Virtual Live Video Networking Summit!

20 Hrs Thought Leading Speakers & Panels
20 Hrs Networking Breaks with Business Meetings & Live Chats

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Why attend

Results Virtual 15th Plant-Based Foods & Proteins Summit North America 2020:

> 900+ Expert delegates
> 1,356 Speed Dating Sessions

> 759 1-on-1 Business Meetings
> 50 Speakers
> 35 Exhibitors

This great success has prompted us to run the Virtual 16th Plant-Based Foods & Proteins Summit Europe coming October. This Summit will provide you with 2 days of great insights into consumer trends & developments and new formulations and various ingredients with new concepts, interactive panel discussions and networking through live video chats. So enjoy: 
– 20 Hrs of Networking Breaks & Meetings with live chats with suppliers, customers, speakers, panel members, delegates, and exhibitors
– 20 Hrs of Presentations & Panel Discussions with live chats

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This fantastic Summit Program will enable you to:
– Enjoy Thought Leading Expert Presentations
– Be Inspired by Thought-Provoking Panel Discussions
– Build your Network via 1-on-1 Business Networking via Live Chats

Unique Video Chat as Delegate & Exhibitor for a great Digital Experience!
Join the Virtual Summit Plant-Based Foods & Proteins dedicated to connecting plant-based brands with the value chain including retailers, foodservice professionals, food manufacturers, ingredient suppliers, and other service providers such as packaging, market, and brand agencies! The buzz around plant-based foods and products is undeniable and there are a growing number of innovative new brands in the marketplace. Give your company a competitive edge and sign up to exhibit at the Virtual Plant-Based Foods Exhibition Europe 2020 today.

The Uniqueness of this Virtual Summit Plant-Based Foods & Proteins is the easy, convenient, high value for money, way to secure new know-how, and to really enjoy virtual business networking meetings via a booking tool and live chat with your (potential) supplier and customers. Book private meetings, video chat, do business and enjoy for the first time in a relaxed digital experience and online format.

27 September – Track I – Plant-Based Foods Industry
28 September – Track II – New Formulations & Ingredients

– Each day around 1 1/2 hours of presentations, 1 1/2 hours of panel discussions
– 1 1/2 hours of Networking Breaks with Business Networking via Live Chats

Content & Objectives Summit Program 27 & 28 September
27 September – Track I – Plant-Based Foods Industry
The State-of-The Industry and an Outlook on Consumer Trends & Developments to develop New Categories in Retail & Food Service will be the focal points. What is the challenge from the Industry, European Commission, Parliament, Ingredient Manufacturers, and Research? What is and will be the effect of Covid-19?

28 September – Track II – New Formulations & Ingredients
New Insights on plant-based foods formulations and various ingredients with new concepts will be the focal points. New Technologies to reduce water, energy, and waste will be on the table, including an outlook LCA and Sustainability programs from farm to fork.