10th Protein Summit 2017: Towards 2030 – Creating New Protein Strategies

Protein Summit

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Creating New Protein Strategies: Towards 2030

Protein is in the global spotlight as we strive to meet the nutritional needs of a population set to hit 9 billion by 2040. Join the largest Global Protein Platform and work with fellow Leaders on future strategies at the 10th Protein Summit 2017, 26-28 September 2017 (Reims, France).

This fantastic annual industry networking platform will bring together Industry and Public Policy Leaders from the whole value chain to discuss, co-operate, build and shape future strategies. 400+ experts from Food, Feed and Pet food; Protein ingredients, Technology & Research industries will join a 5-in1 Summit featuring:

I) ** New for 2017** – Protein 2030 Summit on the Future Protein Agenda in Europe and globally. The aim is to get a better understanding on the various protein initiatives in Europe and around the world.

Growing more plant protein in Europe is very important from a sustainability, climate and self-sufficiency point of view. The demand for plant protein ingredients is increasing and there are many economic opportunities. Consumers are seeking more healthy and sustainable diets and increasing their plant-based foods intake. Governments and industry are working together to increase the shift from animal-based to plant-protein diets.

European Protein Agenda 2030? The Summit will debate if there is a need for a Protein Agenda 2030 in Europe? If so, what are the key elements and how can industry and government across the national borders work together?

Some key themes will be:

  • Consumer Global Supply & Demand of Proteins & Protein Foods
  • European Soy: Bridging Sustainable Protein Demand with Supply
  • French Protein Ingredient Strategy
  • The Plant-Protein Growing & Greening Strategy in Germany
  • Protein Challenge 2040
  • Food 2030 & Protein 2030? – European Commission

II) Plant-Based Foods Summit on Industry opportunities and challenges for Business, Marketing, Sales and Innovation Leaders, targeting the plant-based foods brands and value chain. The ambition of this Plant-based Foods Summit is to share views, ideas and opinions on the growth and the challenges to accelerate further growth of consumer and market demand in the retail, food service and other channels.

Some key themes will be:

  • The US plant-based investment opportunity
  • Plant-Based Foods as a category: Is there a future?
  • The European Market for Meat-Free and Dairy-FreeFoods
  • The Global Context: Building the Plant-Based Foods Category

III) High Protein Foods Summit – New opportunities for growth of proteins foods for Business, Marketing, Sales and Innovation Leaders, targeting the dairy, bars, meat, bakery, snacks, confectionery, sports, health foods brands and value chain

The ambition is to create new consumer insights, understanding the benefits and communicating them to the consumers and establish some key points where industry can work together to grow the overall market.

Some key themes will be:

  • The Growth of High Protein in the USA – what can we learn?
  • Consumer Awareness and ‘Protein Understanding’
  • The case of Higher Protein Meat Snacks
  • Innovation in the Breakfast Category
  • Trends & Developments in Medical Nutrition

There will be a mix of presentations and interactive panel discussions with provocative ideas and lots of new consumer insights from various parts of the world, including contributions of CEO’s of the leading brands and market insight companies.

 Protein Ingredients Summit on New ingredients, raw materials and combinations for Innovation, Development, Research, Sustainability Leaders, targeting the food and petfood industry, as well as the ingredient and processing industries. The ambition of this Protein Ingredients Summit is to create a platform for discussion on the role of new protein ingredients for a better and more sustainable food, pet food and feed world. New sources offer new opportunities, what are challenges and where can the value chain work more closely together?

  • Animal feed markets: From Global to Regional Protein Supply?
  • The Future of Single Cell Proteins
  • Building the Insect Case in China –Speaker tbc
  • A high value and high protein pet foods outlook 
  • Krill bio-mass innovations & challenges
  • Milking the pig for high quality meat proteins
  • EU Horizon 2020

V) Protein Processing Summit on New technologies and processing methods for Innovation, Development, Research, Sustainability Leaders, targeting the food and pet food industry, as well as the ingredient and processing industries. The ambition of this Protein Processing Summit is to open up new opportunities for novel technologies, which can bridge a major gap in science and create a better understanding on the future challenges from a sustainability, zero-waste and water perspective as well as creating a better taste and texture.

Shaping the Programme:

Presentations and interactive panel discussions with key thought leaders including Quorn Foods, Tivall, Nestle and Amidori will cover all parts of the value chain: Consumers, Retailing, Food Manufacturing, Protein Ingredient production, Agriculture, Policy Making and Cross Value Chain Cooperation.

The advisory board shaping the 10th Protein Summit programme includes:
– Ellen de Brabander, Senior Vice President, PepsiCo
– Frederique Respondek, Scientific & Regulatory Affairs Manager, Tereos
– Christophe Schmitt, Leader of R&D Protein Expert Network, Nestle
– Gerard Klein Essink, Director, Bridge2Food

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