Building Plant-Based Food & Protein Communities

At Bridge2Food, we have been building business and technical communities in plant-based food & proteins, active & sports nutrition, and healthy ageing since 2002.

On a daily basis we are involved in food, nutrition, and agricultural transitions, which contribute to a better food world, by bringing professionals together to advance, accelerate and shape new networks in the value chain.

The Bridge2Food core activities are:

  • EcoSystem Communities, Networking & Online Summits, and Specialist Courses
    We recognise and understand the key skills required to make the industry prosper and grow. We bring together business, research professionals, and other stakeholders in the food value chain. We combine both worlds to maximise thinking and achieve stronger, more commercial, and inspiring outcomes as a result. The value-added EcoSystems, Summits, and Specialist Conferences & Courses focus on Global challenges, Categories, Consumer & Research Trends such as Plant-Based Foods, Proteins, and Active, Healthy & Sports Nutrition. Also on Sustainability, Food, and Ingredient Processing Innovations. So, inspired growth.
  • Inspiring Networks
    Join our community
    and network platforms. The easiest way to get your weekly feed of fresh news on topical issues in the food industry on health and nutrition, sport and performance nutrition, ingredients, and innovation. Over 25,000 food professionals receive the weekly news feeds, as well as 40,000 via the Bridge2Food channels on LinkedIn.
  • Consultancy & Research
    We assist governments and industries to create effective transition & innovation strategies. A key question is: How do we make a difference in the future and what is needed to get there? Bridge2Food has a proven track record in developing roadmaps and innovation strategies at a global level, including Europe, for nations like Canada, The Netherlands, and for specific clusters and regions. Bridge2Food also offers various boardroom-level research (business and technology roadmaps, strategy validation). Learn more 

Our why

Our mission is to bring professionals together to advance and accelerate for a better food world. We believe that cooperation is needed to effect and manage change. We always gain more than we lose. We like to:

  • Inspire the industry and food value chain with trends and foresight to create better innovation for a healthier life and sustainable planet.
  • Grow and train our industries teams to enable them with passion and can-do commercial excellence.
  • Nurture professionals and support and their growth via our academy, releasing the full potential of each and every member.  We passionately believe in making people better.

A Passionate Network

Since 2002, we are supported by more than:

  • 10,000 participants at our Summits, Conferences & Courses
  • 1,250 thought-leading global speakers
  • 500 partners and exhibitors
  • 100 research institutes & universities
  • 50 media and news agencies

Join us like industry, research, governments and NGO’s, grow your business, and support each other and us for our common goals and challenges.

Join our Network

Impressive Figures

  • 98% say our summits are the most global in outlook and insight
  • 92% of our attendees rate our events as excellent, and above other events
  • 97% say that they came away inspired and rich in fresh thinking and foresight
  • 93% of attendees are more than satisfied with the business outcomes, and the new networks
  • 96% say our summits and courses are the most friendly, accessible, and easy to network

Measure & Lead

Numbers matter for impact! Before we start every event, we kindly ask our attendees to set a target number for new contacts, projects, and business cooperations. And before everybody will go home again, attendees count the number of:

  • new insights and good ideas take home
  • network connection (business cards, Linkedin connections)
  • business cooperations (bi-lateral and multi-party

A very rewarding exercise for attendees, speakers, partners and also Bridge2Food. It is the impact of these facts, which makes us proud of everybody. It also gives us a lot of joy!

Bridge2Food Foundation

The Bridge2Food Foundation is supporting NGO Boutifield. For 35 years Bountifield has dedicated time to ending global poverty by equipping rural communities with innovative tools for farming and processing food. Gerard Klein Essink is a Board Member of Bountifield as well.

Enjoy a great video on the good work ( of Bountifield in Africa.

The Bridge2Food Foundation has supported Bountifield financially since 2018. We hope you are also interested to change the lives of smallholder farmers, and their families.

Please consider donating at Bountifield and make a difference:

  • $500 represents placing one grinder in a village in Southern Africa, which can impact as many as thirty farmers direct and many more considering those in their homes and their communities.
  • $1,000 represents placing the full suite of Bountifield peanuts tools in a community using local fabricators and providing training services.

More on Bountifield
Bountifield empowers families to overcome hunger and rise from poverty by providing farmers’ groups and women’s organizations in Africa with life-changing technologies, technical training, and business opportunities. With our tools and training, smallholder farmers can boost their production of nutritious food, bring their crops to market, and transform their farms into prosperous enterprises. Bountifield’s global headquarters is located in St. Paul, MN, and its tools are being used in more than 50 countries around the world. The primary focus is Sub-Saharan Africa, where we operate programs in Malawi and Senegal.

Please reach out to Alexandra Spieldoch, Executive Director of Bountifield for more information.