Innovation and awards

A necessary ingredient for a better food world is of course innovation. Every year, Bridge2Food and partners give out a trophy to a company or an individual in 5 fantastic awards categories:
  • Best Plant-Based Food
  • Best New High Protein Food and Beverage
  • Most Novel Protein Ingredient
  • Most Novel Protein Process Technology
  • Highest Consumer Impact
The award comes with special benefits for the winners:
  1. Bridging. Become part of the Global Protein Eco-system of Bridge2Food
  2. Strategy. 1-day free consultancy on business, market access, technology, nutritional and regulatory strategies from Bridge2Food and partners.
  3. Promotion. Highlighting and showcasing on the Global stage. Promotion of winners via the Bridge2Food network including 500,000 food and agro specialists.

9th Active & Sports Nutrition Summit 2019

Best Plant-Based Food

With new features, a novel packaging and design, a new target audience, or an improved effectiveness.

Best High-Protein Food

Will be for a truly innovative new high protein food or beverage.

Most Novel Ingredient

Will celebrate new protein ingredients, seeds, and crop systems that are truly innovative.

11th Protein Summit 2018 previous winners

Judging panel