[B2F Expert Vision #10] Active Nutrition: The White Space – Nick Morgan (Sports Integrated)

‘There is a lot of discussion and enthusiasm for the mainstreaming of sports nutrition, effectively the increased relevance of sports nutrition products to a broader population of consumers who are interested in the benefits of exercise and nutrition. In fact, many would say that it is already happening and significantly contributing to the growth of the market as it stands. Certainly, brands are evolving, products are increasingly more convenient, and the retailing channel is more varied.

However, it remains a “white space” as there is yet much to do. This is not a statement of pessimism, but one of optimism. Currently, the growth of convenient products is the most popular focal point – but their remains the opportunity to target the consumer who remains serious about their exercise but for the purposes of health rather than performance. This is the true essence of sports nutrition, and likely represent the best definition of “active nutrition”. It represents a generational shift of consumers who have traditionally bought into the benefits of sports nutrition but with increasing age and maturity, their goals have changed’.

Nick Morgan is a chair at the next: 8th Active, Performance & Sports Nutrition Summit 2018, 12-14 June 2018 (Rotterdam, The Netherlands).

Nick will guide the discussions and add value to the Sessions on Bars & Snacks, Dairy & RTD’s.

8th Active, Performance & Sports Nutrition Summit 2018, 12-14 June 2018 (Rotterdam, The Netherlands).
Fantastic annual active, performance & sports nutrition industry networking platform
Target audience: Food, Beverages, Bars, Dairy, Health, Convenience, Sports & Supplement industries
4-in-1 Tracks: Bars & Snacks, Dairy & RTD’s, Beverages & Supplements
Participation: 250+ experts. Exhibition: 40 places