Beneficial effects of Naticol, fish collagen peptides, on the skin ageing signs

Innovations in Food Technology - Weishardt

Ageing may be considered as the accumulation of diverse deleterious changes in cells and tissues. Skin ageing is one of the most important current dermatological concerns. Among various factors, clinical signs of dermal atrophy and skin ageing (including skin dryness, hypo/hyper-pigmentation, diminished skin elasticity and firmness) are associated with a reduction and disorganisation of collagen.

A double blinded, randomised, placebo controlled clinical study (Naticol ® 5g/day)

The study here reported was intended to assess the anti-ageing potential of specific fish collagen hydrolysates, Naticol®, on the ageing signs of the skin of mature women. This study also evaluated the effect of fish collagen peptides, Naticol® on several different skin locations including the abdomen skin. Assessments of this specific skin site may open new application areas, in particular, for women after giving birth or people after a heavy weight loss.

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