Bridge2Food Foundation

The Bridge2Food Foundation is supporting the NGO Compatible Technology International (CTI). For 35 years CTI has dedicated time to ending global poverty by equipping rural communities with innovative tools for farming and processing food. Gerard Klein Essink is Board Member of CTI as well.

Enjoy a great video on the good work ( of CTI in Africa.

The Bridge2Food Foundation has supported CTI with 20 peanut grinders since 2018. We hope you are also interested to change the lives of smallholder farmers, and their families.

Please consider donating at and make a difference:

  • $500 represents placing one grinder in a village in Southern Africa, which can impact as many as thirty farmers direct and many more considering those in their homes and their communities.
  • $1,000 represents placing the full suite of CTI peanuts tools in a community using local fabricators and providing training services.

More on CTI
CTI empowers families to overcome hunger and rise from poverty by providing farmers’ groups and women’s organizations in Africa with life-changing technologies, technical training, and business opportunities. With our tools and training, smallholder farmers can boost their production of nutritious food, bring their crops to market, and transform their farms into prosperous enterprises. CTI’s global headquarters is located in St. Paul, MN, and their tools are being used in more than 50 countries around the world. The primary focus is Sub-Saharan Africa, where we operate programs in Malawi and Senegal.

Please reach out to Alexandra Spieldoch, Executive Director of CTI for more information or questions: