We are thrilled to host Bridge2Food Europe 2024 at a sustainable venue. Together, with the Fokker Terminal and GreenBookings, our sustainability-oriented alternative proteins event will be CO2- and water-neutral and will plant trees for a better climate.

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Planting Trees

We are making conscious decisions to reduce the environmental impact of Bridge2Food Europe.

Working together with sustainable partners, will plant 21 trees to offset the CO2 produced at our event.

On average, 21 trees will offset 500kg CO2 per year. 

Learn more about how GreenBookings is planting trees for events in The Netherlands.

Sustainable Initiatives

We are thrilled to host Bridge2Food Europe at a sustainable venue. Learn more about the Fokker Terminal's sustainability initiatives:

  • One of The Netherlands' first large conference venues to become CO2-neutral, 
  • A repurposed building: from aircraft hangar to event venue,
  • Caterers select produce from suppliers in The Hague and its immediate surrounds as much as possible,
  • A solar power plant on the roof, reducing CO2 emissions by 100 tonnes annually, 
  • All events are water-neutral, offsetting 214 litres of water per visitor, 
  • Waste is separated,
  • Recycled event carpets only, 
  • All disposables are 100% biodegradable, made from e.g. bamboo, cornmeal, or beets.

Read more about the Fokker Terminal and its sustainability facts.