About Us

Bridge2Food is a leader in the event space for the plant-based foods and alternative proteins sector. We have been connecting key international industry professionals, researchers, and academics across three key global markets: Europe, North America, and Asia-Pacific.

We take pride in doing work that makes a difference. We believe in people, collaboration, and sharing. Together, we can bring momentous change for future generations who deserve affordable and nutritious food and a healthy and thriving planet.

Our driving force is to advance actions for a better food world and to help accelerate the protein transition.

Our Story

Since 2002, when founder Gerard Klein Essink exited the corporate world and embarked on an entrepreneurial venture, he never wavered from his vision of creating a better food world with a mission to “build bridges between food professionals.”

With thousands of followers on LinkedIn, Gerard has a true passion for making connections that matter and seeding new initiatives whenever and wherever possible.

When Bridge2Food started as a one-person operation based out of the Netherlands, it focused mainly on sports nutrition, healthy aging, and of course, proteins. Recognising early on the sustainability, economic, and food security benefits of plant-based proteins and some of the challenges around taste, texture, and availability, Gerard pivoted to focus the company’s activities on the industry long before it was a widespread global trend.