Enough mycoprotein facility

World’s Largest Mycoprotein Production Facility Marks Beginning of New Era for Protein

This isn’t just good news for European protein markets. As an industry proof of concept, it’s also a critical milestone toward global protein sustainability. Protein is a hot topic and increasingly recognized as the world’s “other”... more >

Q&A: GEA helps customers scale up from plant-based to cell-based

GEA is one of the world’s largest suppliers of systems and components to the food, beverage and pharmaceutical industries. Its New Food division is primarily…
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Q&A: Symrise experts on making lives tastier and healthier

Symrise develops, produces and sells fragrance, flavoring and food ingredients, as well as functional ingredients and solutions that enhance the sensory properties and nutrition of…
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Video: Could Europe be the next plant-based foods hub?

“We need a research strategy, we need an upscale strategy and this is something we should work on together. No one can do it alone….
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Video: What is the role of plant-based foods in a sustainable food system?

“Plant-based foods have a lower impact on the environment,” Catherine Lefranc-Millot, nutrition and health senior research manager with Roquette, says in this video from a…
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Video: What are the most important areas for plant-based research?

“We need investment in specific topics like special crops, new crops, value systems that involve farmers,” Matthias Krön, President of Donau Soja, says in this…
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Video: Siska Pottie of EAPF on ‘urgent need’ for more budgets for plant-based foods

“There is an urgent need to increase the funding for the plant-based foods sector,” says Siska Pottie, secretary general of the European Alliance for Plant-based Foods (EAPF.) Pottie…
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