Affordability and Accessibility of Plant-Based Proteins in Asia-Pacific

In the lead up to Summit Asia 2022 - Bridge2Food’s first event in the APAC region - we are excited to connect with Lisa Ronquest-Ross about... more >

Introducing our Valued EcoSystem Partner: Marc Gelautz from Brabender

With honour we introduce you to Marc Gelautz, Strategic Marketing & PR Manager at Brabender as our long-time partner in the Global Plant-Based Foods &…
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Overview of the U.S. Identity Preserved (IP) industry and the Purchasing Process of IP Products

Todd R. Sinner, Partner and Vice President at Sinner Brothers and Bresnahan (SB&B), US will be one of the speakers at the free Virtual U.S….
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Traceability: The IP advantage

By Eugene Philhower, SSGA Technical Adviser for Europe In these days of polarization on just about every topic, there is at least one concept that…
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Plant-based Bottles in a Sustainable Food Supply Chain

By introducing fully plant-based bottles made from corn, wheat and beet sugars, the market’s reliance on fossil fuels and their contribution to plastic pollution will…
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Australia: The Country for Plant-Based Brands to Flourish!

The growing number of Australians who are willing to reduce their meat consumption gives great opportunity for new brands to enter the Australian market. Australia…
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Eating Plant-Based to Reduce your Carbon Footprint

Switching towards a plant-based diet is one of the actions we as individuals can do to reduce our carbon footprint. Covid-19 has shown that radical…
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