Cubiq Foods

Cubiq Foods was founded in 2018 with the vision of supporting the food chain transformation into a more sustainable, nutritional and affordable to everyone in the world. We have the envision that food ingredients innovation and, particularly fat solutions as ingredients, can become “change agents” for the food chain. We support new product launches at food producers and provides flavor, bite, nutritional and sustainability improvement at the food product, fitting the new consumer demands. We lead in the future of nutrition via three distinct products & processes: Go!Drop®, a novel vegan oil/water emulsion fat replacer improving the juiciness, reduced total fat content (+50%), reduced Sat Fats (+70%) and a more sustainable option with only 20% oil content. Go!Mega3®, algae oil Omega-3 microcapsules for product applications. And, at the end, Cultivated Ingredients, the first platform based on cell culture for the production of sustainable and scalable ingredients: Omega-3, proteins and quality animal fats.