Plant Protein Innovation Center (PPIC)

The Plant Protein Innovation Center (PPIC), the first center of its kind in the nation, brings together interdisciplinary researchers and industry partners to deliver to the supply chain new, nutritious, and functional plant protein ingredients and products, working all the way from breeding and genetics to processing, formulation, and marketing.  Through primarily precompetitive, fundamental research, the PPIC addresses industry-identified plant-protein challenges and opportunities to develop a wealth of interdisciplinary research.  Currently, with 25 industry members and 24 interdisciplinary researchers and growing steadily, the PPIC will not only bring economic gain to the industry, but will also address the consumer desire for nutritious and healthy food, have a positive impact on the environment by seeking and utilizing sustainable crops, provide additional sources of protein for the growing population, and provide revenue to farmers. PPIC research spans the supply chain and brings together a wealth of experts in a variety of fields; the PPIC has broad access to instrumentation and research capabilities to be able to address the top research priorities of the Center in the areas of production, process, and formulation, and application. To learn more about the PPIC, please visit or send inquiries to Prof. Baraem P Ismail, Director of PPIC ( Karthik Pandalaneni, PPIC Manager of Operations (