CYNATINE® FLX Strengthen your body defenses and improve your lifestyle

Kerat'innov-keratin-proteinKeratin is a protein found throughout the body. Keratin has an important structural role. This intriguing protein also has one of the highest proportions of the amino acid cysteine, a natural reservoir of sulfur used in many biological reactions within the human body.

Much of the structural strength and “nonsolubility” of keratin comes from the natural tendency in the body for two cysteines to combine to form cystine via a di-sulphide bond.

The ability to convert natural keratin into a functional form that is bio-available to the body is the core of Kerat’Innov’s proprietary processing technology. The process enables the intact keratin molecule to be solubilized and therefore making it both bioactive and bio-available to the body. The result is the world’s first “Solubilized Keratin”; keratin peptides called CYNATINE® FLX.

Read on here. Source: Innovations in Food Technology | February 2017 |