Kappa Bioscience opening sports nutrition category to benefits of Vitamin K2

kappa bioscience
Kappa Bioscience has been nominated for best new category development in Bridge2Food’s Sports & Active Nutrition Awards.

Kappa Bioscience introduces Bone₄Kardio™ – the first high-performance Vitamin K2 MK-7 sports nutrition supplement, made possible by advanced science and capsuling technology. K2 is a critical nutrient to facilitate bone growth stimulated by resistance training, acts as a calcium mediator to facilitate optimal oxygen delivery in the circulatory system, and aids proper muscle contraction.

DUOCAP™ capsuling technology enables, for the first time, K2VITAL® vitamin K2 MK-7 to be formulated with several vital sports ingredients (omega-3, magnesium, D3 and B vitamins) while ensuring optimal ingredient release and product stability.

Bone₄Kardio™ breaks the mold for K2, rightfully positioning it as a critical nutrient for the building of above-average health, and is the first product that opens the sports nutrition category to the benefits of K2.

An expert panel of judges will review all award entries and the winners will be announced at 7th Sports & Active Nutrition Summit from 12-14 June in the Netherlands.

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