14 October – Track II
9.00 AM – 5 PM CEST

New Formulations & Ingredients

14 October – Track II – New Formulations & Ingredients

This unique Track will focus on new Insights on plant-based foods formulations and various ingredients with new concepts will be the focal points. New Technologies to reduce water, energy, and waste will be on the table, including an outlook LCA and Sustainability programs from farm to fork.

Research, Development, and Innovation Leaders
from food brands, food manufacturing, food ingredient, and processing technology companies, research institutes, and universities.

Your Take-Homes: 5 Strategies for Winning
New Formulation Propositions
#1 Plant-Based Foods Category & Product Opportunities
#2 Plant-based foods quality (taste, texture, nutrition, clean label) supply & demand challenges
#3 New ingredient formulation innovators
#4 New technology platforms offering new ingredients
#5 Buiding your Global Plant-Based Foods Ecosystem

Participating organisations