15 Oct. Full Day
Summit VIII
Research Projects & Collaborations

Research Projects & Collaborations
The interest in (new) plant-based proteins, technologies, and food applications is growing fast. Many governments and innovation networks offer public-private partnership programs with a timeline of 1-4 years. Each project has its own ecosystem and network. The Research Projects & Collaborations Summit will bring together a large number of international research projects and collaborations and will see research leaders give an update on their projects and research findings, and share their key questions for the Summit EcoSystem. The aim of this Summit is to create the best exchange of know-how, to develop new networks, and to grow new collaborations. Science leaders from Europe, who are actively involved in BBI-JU, Horizon 2020 or Horizon Europe, Interreg and other programmes.

Joining! …
Research Leaders from Universities, Institutes, Food & Food Ingredient companies.

Your Summit Take-Homes: 5 Strategies for Winning Research Projects & Collaborations
#1 Overview of International Research & Innovation Agenda’s for Plant-Based Foods & Proteins
#2 Insight in key programmes and projects
#3 Knowledge of key research organisations and their partners
#4 Understanding about the dos and don’ts of joining projects
#5 Opportunity to kick-start and join research consortia