June 22 – Track I
9.30 AM – 3.00 PM EDT

State of the Pulse Industry & Canadian EcoSystem

June 22 – Track I – State of the Pulse Industry & Canadian EcoSystem

This Track will focus on the following key questions:
– What is the state of the industry in terms of supply & demand?
– What are the key drivers for change in terms of sustainability, clean label, nutrition, and making plant-based foods even more delicious?
– How can Canada continue to play a leading supply role as well as stay the global innovator of the agri-food value chain in the coming years?
– Who are the key movers & shakers in Canada with new innovations?

C-Leaders with a Business, Commercial, Marketing, Category position from Retail, Food Service, Food Brands, Food Manufacturing, (N)GO’s, Venture Capitalists/Private Equity.
C-Leaders with a Purchasing, Sustainability, Value Chain background from Retailers, Food Brands, Food Manufacturing, Food Ingredient Brands, and VC’s.
Research, Development, and Innovation Leaders from food brands, food manufacturing, food ingredient, and processing technology companies, research institutes, and universities.
Plant-Based Foods & Protein Ingredient EcoSystem Leaders from all around the world.

Your Take-Homes: 7 Strategies for Winning Value Chains
#1 The Industry drivers and challenges
#2 New value chain drivers
#3 Accelerating Impact in the Supply Chain
#4 Protein Ingredient Diversification
#5 Future Technology Shakers from Canada
#6 Investment drivers
#7 Collaboration opportunities