June 24 – Track III
9.30 AM – 3.30 PM EDT

New Ingredients & Processing Technologies

June 24 – Track III – New Ingredients & Processing Technologies

This Track is an ideal environment to understand the challenges and opportunities to make better plant-based foods with new ingredients and processing technologies.

Research, Development, and Innovation Leaders
from food brands, food manufacturing, food ingredient, and processing technology companies, research institutes, and universities. As well as C-Leaders with a Purchasing, Sustainability, Value Chain background from Retailers, Food Brands, Food Manufacturing, Food Ingredient Brands, and VC’s.

Your Summit Take-Homes: 7 Strategies for Winning Value Chains
#1 New Demand Drivers: A Food Systems Approach
#2 Sustainability & Food Security
#3 Linking Supply with Demand
#4 Accelerating Impact in the Supply Chain
#5 Protein Ingredient Diversification
#6 Sustainability & Food Security
#7 Building New Value Chains: Natural of Highly Processed?