May 31 Morning:
3 Tracks

Track I: New Plant Protein Ingredients
This Track will create a platform for cooperation between different parts of the value chain. Bringing new ingredients to the market place will require a food systems approach and also new eco-systems. These platforms are also needed to improve the quality of existing plant protein ingredients. New applications need to be found for fibres and starches to create a sustainable business model for plant protein ingredient suppliers. It is not just about food, but also about creating new markets in pet food, feed, and aquaculture. How and where can the value chain work more closely together?

Track II: New Plant Protein Processing Technology
The purpose of this Track is to open up new opportunities for novel technologies and processes, which can bridge the gap the challenges from a sustainability, zero-waste and water perspective as well as creating a better taste and texture and the currently available technologies? Which experts are needed and how should we work together to advance quickly?

Track III: New Plant Protein Applications
This Track will focus on the challenges of developing new plant-based foods applications and improving existing categories like dairy-free, beverages, meat-free and snacks. How to bridge the major gap between a better, texture and nutrition and the science needed? Who is needed at the design table and which disruptive thinking is required to accelerate?