15 Oct. Full Day
Summit VI
Research Road Map Sustainable & Clean Label Foods

Research Road Map Sustainable & Clean Label Foods
Plant-based foods should be based on sustainable processing technology in view of climate (energy, water), health & nutrition and waste. There is growing interest in making plant proteins in a more sustainable and efficient way, while a clean label is another important consumer driver. The aim of this Summit is to create the best exchange of know-how, to develop new networks, and to grow new collaborations in the areas of pulse processing and fermentation technologies. Great leaders from ETH, Wageningen University, University of Alberta support this Summit programme.

Joining! …
Research Leaders from Universities, Institutes, Food & Food Ingredient companies.

Your Summit Take-Homes: 5 Strategies for Winning Sustainable & Clean Label Food Road Maps
#1 Overview of International Research & Innovation Agenda’s for Plant-Based Foods & Proteins
#2 Insight in key programmes and projects
#3 Knowledge of key research organisations and their partners
#4 Understanding about the dos and don’ts of joining projects
#5 Opportunity to kick-start and join research consortia

This Summit is supported by Wageningen University & Research, The University of Alberta, and ETH Zürich.