15 Oct. Full Day
Summit III
The Value Chain & Purchasing

Summit III: The Value Chain & Purchasing
This Summit is a new platform for plant protein buyers & suppliers, who focus on a better understanding of the value chain, new ingredients, new partnerships & supply chains, and new food systems & value chain network.

with a Purchasing, Sustainability, Value Chain background from Retailers, Food Brands, Food Manufacturing, Food Ingredient Brands, and VC’s.

Your Summit Take-Homes: 7 Strategies for Winning Value Chains

#1 New Demand Drivers: A Food Systems Approach
#2 Sustainability & Food Security
#3 Linking Supply with Demand
#4 Accelerating Impact in the Supply Chain
#5 Protein Ingredient Diversification
#6 Sustainability & Food Security
#7 Building New Value Chains: Natural of Highly Processed?