15 Oct. Full Day
Summit I
The Plant-Based Foods Industry

Summit I: The Plant-Based Foods Industry
The Plant-Based Foods Industry Summit will bring together industry and business leaders from Europe and around the world. The programme will enable the exchange of opinion and leadership, which will generate new insights and is the result of a close collaboration with ENSA – The European Plant-Based Foods Association.

Joining! …
C-Leaders with a Business, Commercial, Marketing, Category position from Retail, Food Service, Food Brands, Food Manufacturing, (N)GO’s, Venture Capitalists/Private Equity.

Your Summit Take-Homes: 5 Strategies for Winning Industry Chains
#1 The Industry drivers and challenges
#2 How can retailers and foodservice channels capitalize on the trend of plant-based?
#3 How relevant is the climate when shopping for food?
#4 What are the key sustainability & nutritional opportunities and how to turn them around?
#5 How to best drive national, European and international protein transition agenda’s?

This Summit is supported by ENSA – European Plant-based Foods Association