Protein timing is of the essence: NPD opportunities according to FrieslandCampina DMV


After focusing on protein quality and daily intake, optimizing nutritional recovery strategies now centers on protein timing. At the Bridge2Food 7th Sports & Active Nutrition Summit 2017 (12-14 June, the Netherlands), Andy Holwerda (Maastricht University) will share the latest scientific findings on protein timing, identifying a window of opportunity in the evening. Floris Wardenaar (HAN University of Applied Sciences) will share an insight on what happens when trying to apply these insights in the daily diets of elite athletes. Benno van Mersbergen (FrieslandCampina DMV) will end the session by sharing his views on how the opportunity in the evening can be made accessible for consumers, learning from the practice of elite athletes.

The 7th Sports & Active Nutrition Summit 2017 takes place from 12-14 June in the Netherlands. Find more information about the programme here, or download the brochure.