Michelle Colgrave
Michelle Colgrave
Professor of Food and Agricultural Proteomics
Edith Cowan University

Professor Michelle Colgrave is the Deputy Director for Impact leading teams of scientists who are delivering outcomes to support a healthy future for the Australian agrifood sector, through the translation and commercialisation of sustainable food systems research. As former leader of CSIRO’s Future Protein Mission, Michelle seeks to promote open and informed discussion about what lays ahead for our agrifood systems. She is also a Professor of Food and Agricultural Proteomics at Edith Cowan University, and chief investigator on the Australian Research Council Centre of Excellence for Innovations in Peptide and Protein Science. Her research interests include the application of proteomics, the study of proteins using mass spectrometry, to agriculture and food science to the benefit of human health.

Presentation Description

As the global population surges past 8 billion and becomes increasingly wealthy its demand for animal protein, particularly red meat and dairy products grows exponentially. There are questions as to how these needs can be fully met in a carbon-neutral world. In response to the growing demand for protein, technologists have been searching for cost-effective, resource-efficient, and environmentally-friendly protein technologies and solutions that can support traditional industries or create new industries. Plant-based patties, lab-grown meat, microbially-brewed beverages... the options for protein are endless and ever-evolving. In this presentation, we will be discussing the latest developments in complementary, not alternative proteins, and how they are being used in the food industry today.