Plant-Based Foods & Proteins EcoSystem

A unique partnership you won't find anywhere else 

Leaders from around the world and all along the value chain come together online in the Plant-Based Foods & Proteins Industry EcoSystem to improve the quality of plant-based foods and to accelerate the transition to sustainable, healthy food systems.

Partners from Europe, the Americas, Asia Pacific, the Middle East, and Africa meet twice a month to share strategic insights, access scientific expertise, and to participate in various challenges they identify that advance the plant-based food market. Meetings take place every other Tuesday in two sessions - the first for Asia + Europe at 08:00 CET, and the second for Europe + Americas at 16:00h CET / 10:00 am ET. 

Each meeting is structured with a set agenda, which is sent out to members ahead of time, and includes 4-5 presentations on key topics. Following the presentations there is time for a Q&A and larger discussion amongst everyone present in the meeting. If you believe that your organisation has something to contribute to the sector's development, consider becoming a member today!

Why Join

More than 300 leaders from 110+ organisations. You’ll collaborate with food brands, ingredient & processing companies, research institutes, universities, industry & innovation associations, growers & breeders, agriculture companies, technology companies, and more.

  1. A community like no other: with over 300 members, we are the largest plant-based ecoSystem running.
  2. Our EcoSystem is exclusive: Due to its one of a kind nature and is entered by invitation only.
  3. Be Part of Something Bigger: You can join leading food brands, ingredient & process technology companies, research institutes, universities, grower associations, and breeders who are all working together toward a better future.
  4. R&D Road Mapping: Partners are building a research & development agenda for 2025. We discuss the areas to invest in to accelerate the protein transition with breeding, technology, sustainability, nutrition, and diets.
  5. Share Your Expertise: Partners take what they learn back to their organisation leaders in areas such as research, development, quality, sustainability, and innovation. Your colleagues can then develop working groups or even new ecosystems in their areas of expertise.
  6. Build Your Global Network: The EcoSystem features, on a monthly basis, a unique insiders’ look and an opportunity to connect with regional plant-based ecosystems from Europe, the Americas, and Asia Pacific.
  7. Collaborate on Industry Challenges: Partners work in teams on open, collaborative challenges in areas such as taste & texture, nutrition, product conformity, and sustainability. The challenges operate in the pre-competitive space, and have concrete actions, deliverables, and outcomes.
  8. Validate Your Key Strategies: The dynamics of the plant-based food industry are rapidly evolving. The EcoSystem is an easy and convenient way for you to validate various research, development, innovation, business, or sustainability strategies you are working on, and allows you to present areas you are open for collaborative work with EcoSystem partners.
  9. Grow the Plant-Based Pie: Since we began in 2019, the EcoSystem has seen a multitude of new business relationships develop, alongside all the collaborative work. The bi-monthly EcoSystem meetings make networking simple, build trust, and create new business.


Join the EcoSystem today and become part of the bigger picture!

Exciting Challenges

Partners have formed teams to work together on projects where there is a distinct need to deliver a product or research breakthrough in order to advance the plant-based protein sector. Do you have advice to offer or another challenge that should be launched? We’d love to have your expertise as part of the EcoSystem.

These are some of our past challenge topics:

  • Government
  • Research
  • Retail & Food Service 
  • Industry (food, petfood, feed)
  • Ingredients Supply
  • Technology Supply 
  • Raw Materials

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