18th Plant-Based Foods & Protein Summit Europe 2021

28-30 September 2021, Netherlands

Accelerating Plant-Protein Value Chains

Unique 9-in-1 Summit on Industry, Enterpreneurs, Value Chains, Eco-Systems, Research & Government Strategies

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Rating previous Summit: 8.6


Rating previous Summit: 8.6

Bridge2Food´s position on Coronavirus (COVID-19)

As the COVID-19 situation is changing daily, we want you to feel totally confident about booking on to our events. Should there be an official travel ban imposed at the time of the summit you will be able to:

  • Transfer the ticket to an appropriate colleague to attend in your place or
  • Transfer your ticket to an alternative event or
  • Receive a full refund

The Bridge2Food team remains fully committed to deliver the best possible event for the food industry leaders and look forward to welcoming you. Please contact us here if you have any questions.

Accelerating Plant-Protein Value Chains

9-in-1 Summit: Unique Value Chain Approach
The demand for plant-based foods is increasing fast. There are many opportunities for retailers, foodservice operators, and brands to serve consumers better and more inspiring foods. Consumers are also seeking more healthy and sustainable diets. How to capitalise on all opportunities as a global industry and how to get all stakeholders aligned? This requires a clear value chain approach. This Summit will enable:
1. Industry to meet, network and align
2. All value chain partners to develop road maps
3. Validation of business and innovation strategies

Key Plant-Based Food Industry Challenges are:
– What are the key sustainability opportunities and how to turn them into an opportunity?
– What is the nutrition challenge and how to improve it?
– How to best organise and improve the value chain supply?

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Target audience
Retail, Food Service, Food Industry, Scale-Ups & Start-Ups, Ingredients, and Process Technology Industries, Research Institutes, Universities, Seed Breeders, Agriculture, Feed and Petfood Industries,  Financial Institutions incl VC’s, Governments, EcoSystems, Innovation Networks, Associations, NGO’s.
Participation: 500+ experts. Exhibition Max: 50 places.

9-in-1 Summit:
> I: The Plant-Based Foods Industry
> II: Start-Ups & Scale-Up Innovators
> III: The Value Chain & Purchasing
> IV: Plant Protein Growing & Economy
> V: Plant Protein Ingredients Innovations
> VI: Research Road Map Sustainable & Clean Label Foods
> VII: Research Road Map Healthy Nutrition
> VIII: Research Projects & Collaborations
> IX: Plant-Based Foods & Protein EcoSystems

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Network the Industry Leaders
Validate your Business & Technical Strategies
Opportunities for Business Development
Be Inspired with New Business & Innovation Ideas
Develop your EcoSystem

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