16th Plant-Based Foods & Protein Ingredients Summit Europe 2020

13-15 October 2020, Netherlands

Unique 4-in-1 Summit: Plant-Based Foods | Plant-Protein Purchasing | New Protein Ingredients| New Protein Processing Technologies

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Rating previous Summit: 8.6


Rating previous Summit: 8.6

Accelerating Plant-Protein Strategies

The demand for plant-based foods is increasing fast. There are many opportunities for retailers, foodservice operators, and brands to serve consumers better and more inspiring foods. Consumers are also seeking more healthy and sustainable diets.

Join this unique 4-in-1 Summit

The Key Strategic Business & Innovation Questions are:
– What is the opportunity for new plant-based foods from a consumer, retailing, nutrition and food processing point of view?
– What are the future directions for new plant-protein ingredients from a user, supply, food, processing, sustainability, and value chain perspective?

Top 5 Plant-Based Foods & Protein Summit Objectives
Join this unique Summit and capitalize on below fantastic opportunities to advance and accelerate for a better food world
1. Growing the best Industry Platform for the Plant-Based Foods & Ingredients industry in Europe
2. Enabling (Plant-Based) Food, Food Ingredient Companies, and all players to validate business strategies with the best-in-class market and business insights
3. Be the best place for business, project development & project calls in plant-based foods
4. Assisting SME companies with a route to market and market access & defining the gaps for business
5. Growing the global Plant-Based Foods Ecosystem for business and innovation

Key topics

  • What is driving consumers?
  • How relevant is the climate when shopping for food?
  • What are the nutritional characteristics? Is this a relevant trend?
  • What does Generation X think about plant-based or vegan?
  • How can retailers and foodservice channels capitalize on the trend of plant-based?
  • Where are we now and what does the future look like?
  • What are the do’s and don’ts to build the category with brands?
  • Innovation is booming. Who will lead the market in 2 years’ time?
  • What is the actual potential for plant protein ingredients to move into the mainstream & gain scale to make a larger commercial impact?
  • Which processing technologies are needed to improve the texture, taste, and nutrition of plant protein ingredients?
  • Is there a need for a global protein research agenda? When so, what are the key elements and how can industry and government across the national borders work together.
  • How do investors perceive the plant-based opportunity and brands active in this space?

This unique Summit will enable brands to validate their strategies and develop new opportunities with key partners, retailers, foodservice channels, food brands, food ingredients companies, processing technology companies, and research leaders.

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Target audience: Food Industry, Protein Ingredients, Technology & Research
Participation: 500+ experts. Exhibition: 50 places.

4-in-1 Summit:
> I: Plant-Based Foods
> II: Plant-Protein Purchasing
> III: New Protein Ingredients
> IV: New Protein Processing Technologies

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