Nutraceuticals Now magazine on Protein, from source to digestibility

Latest issue of Nutraceuticals Now magazine features an interesting article on Protein, from Source to digestibility.. an important trump card for healthy ageing. Amid global demographic shifts and a world population projected to reach 9 billion by 2050, there is an increasing demand for high-quality nutritional products, especially for senior citizens. This will put pressure on food production and the protein supply in particular.... Read... more >

Innovation Celebrated as Protein Award Winners Announced

Innovations in the protein industry were rewarded as the winners of Bridge2Food’s first Protein Awards were announced at 9th Protein Summit (19-21 September, Lille). Best…
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New plant protein foods group on linkedin

A new LinkedIn group with a focus on Plant Based Foods was created last week by Bridge2Food. The groups anticipates the growing industry interest on…
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New Protein Award applications

The Protein Awards competition is gaining momentum with applications from Dupont, MycoTechnology, Hinojal, Calysta, Heriod-Watt University and many others. Entry closing date is 31 August.
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New Awards Celebrate Innovation in Protein Industry

Enter the new Protein Awards from Bridge2Food which will be announced at 9th Protein Summit 2016, (19-21 September, Lille, France). The awards will celebrate the…
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White Space for Innovation in Plant Protein for Manufacturing Companies?

Plant protein has incredible potential for innovation says Johan De Conninck, Business Development Manager, IAR (France) . Starting from breeding where you can select plants…
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Protein on the Road to Rio & the dairy innovation research agenda for sport nutrition

Ms. Mieke Acda, Nutritonist at FrieslandCampina DMV explained at the recent 6th Sports & Performance Nutrition 2016 the challenges of the dairy industry of making…
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