Q&A: Denis Chereau of Improve on need for second-generation proteins

Many crops have been traditional source of protein for food, either in their direct form or after processing into ingredients such as concentrates or isolates. Despite this long history and the recent boom in plant-based proteins, existing options often do not match consumers’ expectations for healthy, tasty and sustainable food. At IMPROVE, they believe that,... more >

ULTIMATE™ C-Milling is good for ingredient makers and good for the planet

With ULTIMATE™ C-Milling, IMPROVE offers the ultimate technology for dry fractionation with a protein yield extraction improved by five per cent, 20 to 50 per…
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Improve has developed a broad range of analytical capabilities

Looking for protein properties’ characterization? IMPROVE has developed a wide range of analytical capabilities in digestibility, functional properties, flowability, sensorial and organoleptic assessments for your…
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Improve can help you find the best technology for the best functionality

Plant-based proteins have versatile applications very dependent on functional properties such as solubility, gelling, emulsifying, foaming and water-holding capacity. Several techniques exist to modify the…
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Improve's ProteinUpScale unique new service

Improve offers strategies to produce innovative & healthy food ingredients

To benefit from the best of plant-based proteins, and to offer them to alternative food-tech trailblazers, It is essential for ingredient and protein alternative players…
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Chereau takes on additional role as CEO of ITERG

Congratulations to Denis Chereau, who is now CEO of GROUPE ITERG in addition to his position as CEO of IMPROVE. Effective Feb. 1, 2022, the…
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Plant-Based Foods & Proteins EcoSystem advisory board: Denis Chéreau

We are honored to introduce Denis Chéreau, CEO of IMPROVE, as a member of the advisory board for the Bridge2Food Plant-Based Foods & Proteins Ecosystem. We spoke…
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