Improve has developed a broad range of analytical capabilities

Looking for protein properties’ characterization? IMPROVE has developed a wide range of analytical capabilities in digestibility, functional properties, flowability, sensorial and organoleptic assessments for your protein-based ingredients and co-products benchmarking and characterization... more >

Improve can help you find the best technology for the best functionality

Plant-based proteins have versatile applications very dependent on functional properties such as solubility, gelling, emulsifying, foaming and water-holding capacity. Several techniques exist to modify the…
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Improve's ProteinUpScale unique new service

Improve offers strategies to produce innovative & healthy food ingredients

To benefit from the best of plant-based proteins, and to offer them to alternative food-tech trailblazers, It is essential for ingredient and protein alternative players…
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Unique service from Improve minimizes risk while optimizing process

Do you need a go-to-market strategy that accelerates the process while minimizing risk and optimizing process? Improve offers a new service, called ProteinUPScale, that can…
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