Good plant-based food is an ‘election promise’. Friedrich Büse (amidori)

Friedrich Büse, amidori founder, is one of the keynote speakers at the 14th Plant-Based Foods summit Europe that will be held 2-4 October in Lille, France. Friedrich will present... more >

The Role of Accelerators in the Food & AgTech Space. Jan Meiling (StartLife)

Jan Meiling, Managing Director of StartLife, a startup incubator and accelerator with a prime focus on Food & Agtech, will be presenting the talk “How…
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The strategic importance of brand positioning in the plant protein market

Robert Lawson, Managing Partner with Food Strategy Associates from the UK, will be presenting the talk: “Getting it Right?! Quantum Leaps Forward with the Right…
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Venture Capitalists as Sparring Partners for Entrepreneurs

Philipp Hasler, Investment Director at Emerald Technology Ventures AG, Switzerland will present the talk: “Venture Capital as a Collaboration Platform” at the Plant-Based Start-Ups &…
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Interested in Growing your Start-Up? Join the Plant-Based Start-Ups & VC Summit!

If you are interested in growing your start-up and increasing your chances of finding potential business partners and investors, joining the Plant-Based Start-Ups & VC…
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How to Build New & Winning Propositions with New Crops and also New Technologies? Join the New Plant Protein Ingredients Summit!

If you are interested in getting new insights on new plant protein ingredients, join the New Plant Protein Ingredients Summit which will take place within the…
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Top 5 challenges in the Plant-Based Foods Industry. Louisa Burwood-Taylor (AgFunder)

Louisa Burwood-Taylor, Head of Media & Research for AgFunder and chief editor of AgFunderNews, will be presenting the talk “Plant-Based Foods: A Global Trend –…
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