Opportunities for Lentils as a Value-added Ingredient within the Food

Janelle Courcelles, Senior Manager, Food Innovation & Marketing at Pulse Canada, will be presenting the talk: Lentil 2025: The Grand Plan at Track II... more >

Demonstrating the Diversity of Pulse Flour Quality

Pulse flours are gaining traction as functional ingredients in a wide range of food applications including baked goods, pasta, noodle, snack and meat products. Studies…
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Sustainability of the Pulse Value Chain as a Major Future Agri-Food Industry Challenge

Denis Trémorin, Director Sustainability at Pulse Canada will be presenting the talk “Life Cycle Analysis & Sustainability of Pulses” at Track III: New Ingredients and…
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Environmental, Nutritional and Cost Impacts of Beef/Lentil Blended Burgers

As the interest in nutritious and environmentally-responsible food increases, and most consumers continue to keep meat on their plates, the industry must rise to meet…
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