Video: The Sustainable Mycoprotein Future (webinar)

We had a very interesting discussion about sustainable protein, fermentation and the innovative work of the partners of the Plenitude project in a webinar March 1, 2022. You can watch the full webinar here... more >

ENOUGH accelerates commercialisation plans and celebrates collaboration with Unilever

ENOUGH has announced a collaboration with global consumer goods company Unilever to bring new plant-based meat products to market. Demand for meat alternatives has grown…
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New Scientific Paper Reviews Mycoprotein as Highly Sustainable Meat Substitute as Producers Increasingly Turn to Fungi Alternatives

A brand new scientific paper, “Mycoproteins as safe meat substitutes” shows that producing mycoproteins does not create pollutants or emissions, generates 10 times less greenhouse gas…
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Plant-Based Foods

Fast-growing fungal proteins could slash agricultural emissions ten-fold

Mycoprotein, a meat substitute made from cultivating the cells of a fibrous fungus, could provide a solution to many of the meat industry’s environmental weak…
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