Enough mycoprotein facility

World’s Largest Mycoprotein Production Facility Marks Beginning of New Era for Protein

This isn’t just good news for European protein markets. As an industry proof of concept, it’s also a critical milestone toward global protein sustainability. Protein is a hot topic and increasingly recognized as the world’s “other”... more >

Video: The Sustainable Mycoprotein Future (webinar)

We had a very interesting discussion about sustainable protein, fermentation and the innovative work of the partners of the Plenitude project in a webinar March…
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ENOUGH accelerates commercialisation plans and celebrates collaboration with Unilever

ENOUGH has announced a collaboration with global consumer goods company Unilever to bring new plant-based meat products to market. Demand for meat alternatives has grown…
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New Scientific Paper Reviews Mycoprotein as Highly Sustainable Meat Substitute as Producers Increasingly Turn to Fungi Alternatives

A brand new scientific paper, “Mycoproteins as safe meat substitutes” shows that producing mycoproteins does not create pollutants or emissions, generates 10 times less greenhouse gas…
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Plant-Based Foods

Fast-growing fungal proteins could slash agricultural emissions ten-fold

Mycoprotein, a meat substitute made from cultivating the cells of a fibrous fungus, could provide a solution to many of the meat industry’s environmental weak…
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