Accelerating the Protein Transition. Dr. Stacy Pyett (Wageningen University & Research)

Dr. Stacy Pyett, Proteins for Life Programme Manager at Wageningen University & Research will be one of the chairs at the 14th... more >

New Opportunities and Challenges for Plant-Based Proteins

Russell Ward, Partner and Graham Robinson, Research Executive with Giract, Switerland, will present the talk: “Pulse Protein Markets: Supply & Demand Insights” at the Plant-Protein…
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Good plant-based food is an ‘election promise’. Friedrich Büse (amidori)

  Friedrich Büse, amidori founder, is one of the keynote speakers at the 14th Plant-Based Foods summit Europe that will be held 2-4 October in…
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Bridge to Research Capacity in Protein Transition- Dr. Zsuzsa Papp (MITACS)

Dr. Zsuzsa Papp, Director of Business Development, Mitacs, Canada, will be sharing her vision on the future of plant proteins at the 12th Plant Protein Ingredients…
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Next Generation Protein Ingredients – Prof. Dr. Ir. F. (Fred) van de Velde (NIZO)

Prof. Dr. Ir. F. (Fred) van de Velde, Principal Scientist and Expertise Group Leader Protein Functionality at NIZO, will be presenting the talk “From Seed…
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Innovation Meets Sustainability with New Extraction Technology for Canola Meal – Delaney Ross Burtnack (Manitoba Canola Growers)

Delaney Ross Burtnack, Executive Director at the Manitoba Canola Growers Association, will be presenting the talk “Innovation Meets Sustainability with New Extraction Technology for Canola…
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Plant Proteins in Pet Food – Prof. Lynn P. Weber (University of Saskatchewan)

Lynn P. Weber, Toxicology Graduate Chair and Professor at the Veterinary Biomedical Sciences of the University of Saskatchewan, will be presenting the talk “Plant Proteins in…
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