Q&A: Jean-François Maréchal of Poittemill on latest innovations in fine milling and fractionation

Poittemill is a world leader in the field of powder processing, fine-grinding solutions and preparation from laboratory to industrial scale. Its know-how allows the company to develop custom-made solutions to most effectively meet the needs of its customers... more >

ULTIMATE™ C-Milling is good for ingredient makers and good for the planet

With ULTIMATE™ C-Milling, IMPROVE offers the ultimate technology for dry fractionation with a protein yield extraction improved by five per cent, 20 to 50 per…
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Custom solutions offered as Poittemill expands to 3 more countries

Poittemill doesn’t just supply leading-edge equipment. The family-run company provides custom solutions for its customers in plant-protein processing. With 90 years of engineering experience, Poittemill…
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