How to Produce High-Quality Proteins with Optimum Functionality

In the past, consumers accepted a bland taste and a long list of ingredients in their plant-based products. Today their expectations are much higher; many desire “better for you” products with functional properties and better flavor, putting pressure on manufacturers to not only build the protein base but to format and flavor it as well. For example, plant proteins often bring bitterness, making taste modulators an often-necessary... more >
Virtual Plant_Based Foods & Proteins Summit

Unique Virtual Networking Summit on Plant-Based Foods & Proteins

The first Virtual 15th Plant-Based Foods & Proteins Summit North America 2020  (June 22-25) is dedicated to connect plant-based brands with the value chain including…
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Reimagining Oilseed Processing

When you ask Calgary-based Botaneco Inc.’s founder and CEO James Szarko about the future of Canada’s oilseed and plant-based protein sectors, his face instantly lights…
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Network and Learn about New Opportunities in the Market. Food Proteins Course – Urlik Madsen (DuPont)

Urlik Madsen, Application Specialist Meal Solutions (Meat-Free/Plant-based solutions) at DuPont Nutrition & Biosciences,  shares his experience at the Food Proteins Course Europe 2019: “It was…
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Plant-Based Foods

Fast-growing fungal proteins could slash agricultural emissions ten-fold

Mycoprotein, a meat substitute made from cultivating the cells of a fibrous fungus, could provide a solution to many of the meat industry’s environmental weak…
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Network with Industry leaders at the Food Proteins Course – Jaap Harkema (Avebe)

Jaap Harkema, Marketing Manager Good Food Ingredients at Avebe, was present at the Food Proteins Course Europe 2019. The company showcased its newest texture solutions. In…
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Agrifood 2030: The Foundation for a Long-Term Strategy

A single infopoint for entrepreneurs, joint research facilities and even more opportunities to share knowledge. Within a few months, companies will begin to notice the…
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