Video: Could Europe be the next plant-based foods hub?

“We need a research strategy, we need an upscale strategy and this is something we should work on together. No one can do it alone. But we can all do it together,”  Matthias Krön, president of Donau Soja, says in this video from a question during a webinar on the... more >

Video: What is the role of plant-based foods in a sustainable food system?

“Plant-based foods have a lower impact on the environment,” Catherine Lefranc-Millot, nutrition and health senior research manager with Roquette, says in this video from a…
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A call for the ‘right funding’ needed to accelerate protein transition

It is clear more dedicated and strategic research is needed on plant-based foods and plant-based diets, says Siska Pottie, secretary general of the European Alliance…
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Webinar: Plant-Based Investment Opportunity

A shift towards more plant-based foods is key to meeting our climate goals.  Bridge2Food and European Alliance for Plant-Based Foods (EAPF) are proud to lead…
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Empowered by 14 global leaders: advisory board of Plant-Based Foods & Proteins EcoSystem

We are very pleased and proud to announce the advisory board of our Plant-Based Foods & Proteins EcoSystem. Since 2019, with the strong support of…
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